What you start with matters

Item 9 Labs cartridges are built from the ground up. We begin with our own award-winning, organic flower – grown locally just south of Phoenix. We cultivate exclusively for Item 9 Labs products, and extract in-house for maximum freshness, free of residuals to produce a broad spectrum distillate that offers a complexity that goes beyond just THC.

What’s more, our plant-based terpenes are specifically formulated to obtain the full, nuanced profile of each plant. With our exacting approach to quality cultivation, Item 9 Labs has elevated industry standards for cartridge caliber and potency. Our clients trust and rely on us for clean, quality, and consistent medicine that delivers every time.


Item 9 Labs has taken home gold medals at Arizona’s celebrated Errl Cup for two years running. The Errl Cup is our state’s premier cannabis festival and awards show, and was started in an effort to connect medical marijuana patients with high-quality, safe, and consistent medicine.

Item 9 Labs takes immense pride in everything we cultivate—we grow indoor on a 50-acre farm with painstaking diligence, attention, and care. We are meticulous about each crop and believe that this devotion has earned us the recognition of our peers and passionate community. We grow only organic products and are relentless in our commitment to quality, consistency, and evolution.

Unmatched Potency

Our cartridges are filled with our freshly extracted distillate oil testing at 78-87% THC, giving users the superior experience they would expect from a high-end cannabis cartridge. The difference is palpable because the quality is unrivaled.

That Entourage Effect

We want to give Item 9 Labs’ consumers a complete, well-balanced experience, beyond just THC. The Entourage Effect—a result of the interactive synergy of multiple cannabis compounds—delivers greater therapeutic effects than offered by THC alone. This experience is made possible by our broad-spectrum distillate oil created from a variety of THC- and CBD-rich flower.

Innovative Technology

Our Jupiter CCell technology delivers a smooth draw every time, with no burning wick. Lower-quality vape cartridges with older technologies relied on unsafe PG/VG/MCT fillers to give internal wicks something to burn. The wickless ceramic cores in our cartridges don’t require a spark or filler and provide a consistent temperature with each pull.

Clean and Consistent

Item 9 Labs’ cartridges deliver only the best – you’ll find plant-based terpenes and house-extracted distillate oil, free from fillers, color, or artificial flavors. We use nothing but our top-notch, residue-free flower grown and harvested right here, by us. We bring you everything you want and nothing you don’t, in good times and good health.

In Good Times and Good Health