Pods are The New Pens | Introducing the Apollo 710

A vaporizer (or vape) is a device used to vaporize substances for inhalation. Vapes have been around since the early 2000’s and have continued to evolve and gain popularity. With cannabis vapes being introduced, vaporizers are becoming even more popular than they were in recent years.

Not only have vapes gained popularity, they have also gained cultural acceptance. When you can buy a vaporizer at a gas station, I think it’s safe to say that our society has come to accept the idea- almost more so than they do cigarettes. Since cannabis vapes have gained popularity and cultural acceptance, tons of companies have entered the market offering nearly identical products.

The benefits of vaporizing are clear: portability, discretion, and consistent dosing. They offer patients a way to reap the benefits of cannabis in a completely new, innovative, and discrete way. Forget lighters and torches, patients can now medicate simply with the click of a button or the draw of their breath. Aside from portability and consistent dosing, vapes do not produce a cannabis associated scent- making it even more discreet. Most vaporizers don’t produce a strong smell, which is probably why our society is beginning to accept them more than cigarettes.

Some believe that vapes have contributed to removing the stigma around medical marijuana, which has led to more states adopting pro-marijuana legislation. Some states, like Florida and Pennsylvania, only allow vaping of medical cannabis and do not allow any other consumption methods. Many patients notice a respiratory improvement when they switch out their bong or pipe for a vaporizer, which might be one reason why states like Florida and Pennsylvania allow vaporizing medical marijuana over smoking it. Cannabis vapes have changed people’s perception of consuming cannabis.

Pre-dosed, self-contained systems are seen as more medical by some and make medical marijuana entry-level even for grandma. And although many vapes share the same mechanisms, not all are created equal. Heating mechanisms in the earliest vape pens were not optimized for cannabis oil. They were constructed with a cotton wick that would soak up the oil efficiently on the first couple draws but lost its ability as the patient continues using it. Since then, vapes have improved in build, efficiency, style, reliability, and tastiness.

As the vape industry continued to skyrocket, a handful of vape hardware companies began to stand out for their reliability and style. The first stand-out vape hardware company that we all became familiar with was CCELL. CCELL has established itself as the industry standard for cannabis vapes in the Arizona Medical Marijuana market. At this point, almost every vape cartridge company has adopted CCELL technology. And while CCELL technology is reliable, versatile, consistent, and trustworthy- patients became eager for something new.

Anticipating a new and improved cannabis vape, the PAX Era caught patients’ attention right away. Equipped with an app that connects to your phone and temperature controls, it seemed like it was just what the market was asking for. Now that the hype has settled, some have realized that the PAX Era does not produce as big of a hit as CCELL and using an app to vape gets old after the first few times. Many patients have returned to their original favorite, while PAX Era pens collect dust on dispensary shelves.

In hopes to quench patients’ thirst for something new, reliable, discreet, tasty, and hard-hitting- we have set out to find the best cannabis vape hardware out there. Sometimes the best of the best isn’t out among the big names, but rather more hidden like a gem. That’s how we feel about our new and improved cannabis vape, the Apollo 710 POD system. A system that aims to disrupt the market, not for its flashy features, but for its hard-hitting abilities.

Item 9 Labs Apollo 710 system has a sleek, modern feel that could pass for a high-class flash drive. It is smaller, shorter, less recognizable, and even more discreet than your typical CCELL vape pen. With its minimalist design, the Apollo 710 has 3 heating adjustments to optimize flavor and burn. With the light on the back and not the end, the Apollo 710 system can be easily consumed in almost any situation.

The Apollo 710 system has a ceramic coil that is fully optimized for Item 9 Labs oil viscosity. With that being said, many of us have had our vape pens clog. The Apollo 710 system seeks to fix that problem by offering a “warm-up mode” that slowly warms the coil to melt away any clogging issues and loosen up the oil. Warming up the coil before use ensures a deep flavorful draw at every pull.

This system will require a medicated POD that is sold separately. Item 9 Labs Apollo PODS will be filled with many varieties of live resin and a steam still reserve line. If you are an Arizona Medical Marijuana patient and would like to try the Apollo POD system for yourself, please stay tuned to our social media pages as we announce our partner dispensary locations.

Written by: Hannah Dahlgren

Photo by: Brookklyn Photo