Item 9 For The Win

Best Sativa Flower
We are honored to announce that Item 9 Labs has taken home 1st place in Arizona’s celebrated Errl Cup for the second year in a row! The judges again awarded our Candyland strain the gold for “Best Sativa Flower,” while our Tres Leches hybrid earned an honorable silver. We are delighted that our commitment to cultivating the highest quality organic flower has earned us the recognition of our peers and this passionate community.

The Errl Cup
The Errl cup was launched by Jim Morrison (no relation to him of late-sixties fame), who was disheartened by his sister’s struggle to find consistent and reliable medical marijuana to treat her Multiple Sclerosis. After her death, the competition began as a noble effort to connect medical marijuana patients with high-quality, safe and consistent medicine. It’s since become Arizona’s premier cannabis festival and award show—and the year’s best opportunity for the cannabis community to come together, get informed and get excited.

The cup’s organizers begin the competition by secret shopping for various flowers at local dispensaries. Strains are then sent to a carefully selected laboratory; each sample is tested for cannabinoid content, pesticides, mold, growth regulators, terpenes and residual solvents. From there, the product is delivered to a panel of judges for blind testing and in-depth review. The results are then tallied up and the winners are announced, but not before a full day of cannabis education, community, and celebration.

Item 9 Labs
Item 9 takes immense pride in our award-winning strains and everything we cultivate. We grow indoors on a 50-acre farm with painstaking diligence, attention, and care. We are meticulous about each crop and believe that this devotion has earned us the recognition of such passionate cannabis enthusiasts. We grow only organic products are relentless in our commitment to quality, consistency, and evolution.

Candyland is a Sativa strain celebrated for offering physical relief as well as uplifting moods and stimulating creativity. This cross between Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum cookies is perfect for combating moderate pain, muscle tension, and sour moods. Candyland is ideal for social gatherings and creativity.

According to Weedmaps, “Item 9 Labs Candyland cultivar is a zesty Hybrid strain ideal for sweetening your day. These bright green nugs exude sweet vanilla and honeyed berry flavors on every taste of its creamy smoke. Sit back and relax while Candyland’s energizing euphoria blankets you in a warmth you’ll want to share all day long.”

Tres Leches
According to Weedmaps, Tres Leches is “an energetic and uplifting strain, perfect for staying productive throughout the day.” It is ideal for dealing with chronic stress, depression, pain, nausea, and a lack of appetite.

Ready to see for yourself?
All of our offerings can be found throughout Arizona – find a dispensary near you and let us know what you think!

We would like to thank you, our amazing community, for your continued support and enthusiasm for all of Item 9’s offerings. We couldn’t do it without you!

In Good Times and Good Health,

– The Item 9 Team