Consuming Cannabis With Intention

Written by Brittney Ferris

Why should we consider an intentional smoking practice? And what does a practice like that entail? Many people are stuck in a perpetual cycle of eating, work, sleep, repeat. And when it’s decided cannabis should be a part of that routine, the act of consumption is often treated with the same amount of haste and lack of attention we give to the rest of our day. Will the medicine work the same? Sure, but it’s a possibility you are missing some other benefits that this plant can do to really promote healing, like reducing anxiety and supporting overall mental health.

People often say they experience anxiety when smoking and this is where an intentional smoking practice may be of benefit to you. Every time you sit down to smoke you have an opportunity to do it mindfully, whether you have five minutes or an hour. What are your reasons today for smoking? Is it for pain relief? To unwind? Ask yourself why before you begin. This will help keep your focus on healing in mind throughout your experience. If you believe in the power of this plant and its healing properties, they will be amplified if you keep your attention focused on why you’re consuming in the first place!

Setting space is an important part of an intentional smoking practice. Try reserving a special spot in your home just for consuming. This can be as simple as a little tray on your coffee table, or as big as an entire room! This will ensure you have space and a quiet moment to center yourself before you smoke. When you sit down to begin, select a strain that smells good to you. Our sense of smell plays a big part in this process. Terpenes within the plant react with our sense of smell first, before we even consume. If you are resonating with a particular smell from a strain, it could mean your body is craving the medicinal properties within the terpenes that strain carries. Grab your favorite grinder and when you’re done grinding up your bud, smell it! Take a deep inhale, explore the smells and maybe even write down what scents you like best about that particular strain.

Depending on whether you are rolling a joint, or loading a pipe, bong, etc… take your time with it. Try taking smaller tokes, taste the inhales, and slowly exhale. As you exhale, relax your shoulders down your back, unclench your jaw, and maybe close your eyes if you feel comfortable. Remember to relax and come back to your original intention for smoking. Envision the smoke going right to the source of ailment, grabbing it, and then exiting your body as you exhale.

In our society, we are often pushed to our limits without any time for self-care or to regroup.

Incorporating cannabis in our lifestyle mindfully is a fantastic way to find some peace within the craziness. Keep your intention for smoking close in mind and remember to breathe through it. Healing mind, body, and soul is all within the capabilities of this medicine! We hope some of these tips will help you get started on your journey to a more intentional smoking practice!