Item 9 Labs’ Cocktails are here to make sure you never miss last call. Launching with flavors Blackberry Mojito, Piña Colada, Old Fashioned, and Strawberry Daiquiri, we’re sure you’ll quickly find your favorite. Each flavor is crafted from organic fruit and botanically derived terpenes carefully mixed with 100% solvent-free distillate. The Item 9 Labs Cocktails mixology team is proud to deliver your favorite summertime drinks in the palm of your hand. The 280mAh breath-activated battery lasts for about 300 puffs between recharges, ensuring your battery lasts longer than the oil does. Each Item 9 Labs’ Cocktails disposable is filled with 300 mg of Item 9 Labs premium distillate patients trust and love.

Drink List

Old Fashioned

Item 9 Labs’ Old Fashioned tastes of sweet anise, a hint of bitters, complemented with citrus and cherry notes — all the enjoyment without worrying about a hangover. This smooth sipper packs all of the taste you’ve come to know and cherish, but without having to clean the tumbler, find ingredients, or worry about a bar tab. This slightly oakey Old Fashioned pairs well with salty pretzels and bubbly water.

Blackberry Mojito

Next up is the Blackberry Mojito, a wondrous blend of botanically derived sweet mint and luscious organically derived blackberries paired with Item 9 Labs’ distillate. Perfect for summer pool parties or cooling down after a hike, Blackberry Mojito needs no ice to be refreshing. It works perfectly with lunchtime sandwiches and fresh vegetables.

Piña Colada

Piña Colada tastes like a beach vacation small enough to fit into your pocket. While the little umbrella isn’t included, a botanically derived terpene blend of tropical pineapple, sweet coconut, and a little rum spice is a mainstay. Infused into Item 9 Labs’ premium distillate, Piña Colada lets you enjoy the aroma of a tropical beach vacation wherever you are. Try it with chips, fresh salsa, or handmade tacos.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Rounding out the initial Cocktails offering is a classic favorite, Strawberry Daiquiri. Formulated with botanically and organic fruit derived lime and strawberry terpenes mixed into rum spice, this hot weather option is well-suited for long hikes, river floats, and camping — no blender or ice required. Makes a great pair with anything grilled or a dehydrated hiking snack.

Video cred: Miguel Norigenna

Video cred: Miguel Norigenna