Cannabis super bowl

Cannabis-Friendly Super Bowl Parties are Taking Over

Super Bowl Sunday is becoming a mainstay of the cannabis industry, as more and more people ditch beer for bud.

In 2019, when CBS declined to air medical marijuana commercial, the backlash was swift and notable. Even players were quick to point out the hypocrisy of a sport long associated with big alcohol. For people tired of the Monday morning hangover, cannabis is a natural complement to game day food, events, and social gatherings. However, as the alcohol industry gears up for its most essential holiday, football lovers across America are tuning into the NFL’s season finale with something more refined.

Famously, ex-Miami Dolphin Ricky Williams threw a cannabis-friendly Super Bowl Party in 2018, and invited guests to “BYOW” (Bring your own weed, for the uninitiated). Since then, the trend has caught fire. Dispensaries throughout the country have hopped on the bandwagon with Super Bowl soirees or Super Bowl-themed sales and deals. Even dispensaries in states with no team in that year’s game, like Arizona, California, and Washington, have gotten involved and seen big spikes in sales.

For the past few years, the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday have brought in the industry’s best sales of the year. The average purchase went from $100 to $140 per person with most people opting for edibles or vapes. According to the cannabis data analysts at California-based Green Bits, cannabis sales leapt 40 percent last year on the Saturday before the game. They assess that this year sales could rise even higher thanks to more widespread legalization—including in Illinois, where recreational cannabis became legal in January 2020. “The Super Bowl is like any other large social event: people getting together,” Green Bits CEO Ben Curren told USA Today. “Whenever there’s a large social event, we see an uptick in purchases.”

“Edibles go really well for Super Bowl,” said Caitlyn Finger, from Green Leaf dispensary in Spokane, Washington to local CBS affiliate KREM. “Everyone wants to snack throughout the day and we have a crazy amount of options. Chocolates usually do really well but we have salt and sugar and cannabis water now so people can make their own infused meals. So, we’ll expect a huge influx of those edibles.”

As recreational marijuana is legal in California, 49s fans are expected to go big this Sunday. Missourians are less lucky, at least for the moment. However, a group called Missourians for a New Approach is gathering signatures to put the issue of adult-use marijuana on the November 2020 ballot. We’ll wish them luck, both on the field and in November!