The Apollo 710 | A POD System That Hits

The Apollo 710 revolutionizes the cannabis vape market with its clean, modern design and hard-hitting delivery. It has a sleek, compact look that makes it well suited to discreet use, and this streamlined design makes it easy to fit in the palm of your hand unnoticed. With three distinct temperature settings and a ceramic heating element, the Apollo 710 provides a longer, smoother and more effortless hit than any other cannabis vape. Its ceramic coil is optimized for Item 9 Labs’ oil viscosity, so the burn is never short, stale or charred.

What’s Inside

Apollo 710 PODs are filled with oil extracted from Item 9 Lab’s fresh, indoor and organically cultivated flower.

  • The Live Resin line exemplifies the full terpene profile of the strain by delivering a savory hit that captures the full essence of the living plant. The complex terpene flavor profile is carefully crafted to deliver the heady aromatics of the plant itself.
  • The Steam Still line offers an entourage effect that is typically only available when smoking flower. It’s made with distilled terpenes from our Vanilla Bean—1st place winner at the 2018 ERRL Cup.

Temperature Matters

The Apollo 710 offers three distinct temperature settings to suit your preference. From a smooth and soft hit to a large and powerful pull, the adjustable settings let you experience the difference temperature can make to oil delivery. The Apollo 710 helps you customize your experience and dial into the ideal setting for your tastes.

Efficient and Consistent

The Apollo 710 was built to minimize issues of clogging and inconsistent pulls. Our system delivers consistently by offering a “warm-up mode” that slowly warms the coil to melt away any clogging issues and loosen up the oil. Warming up the coil before use ensures a deep flavorful draw at every pull, and prevents clogging problems common to other vapes on the market.

Innovative and Effortess

The benefits of vaporizing are clear: portability, discretion, and consistent dosing. What’s more – many patients notice a respiratory improvement when they trade smoke for a vape, promoting overall health and wellness.

As vapes have gained popularity, they have gained cultural acceptance. They do not produce a cannabis associated scent – making it effortless to medicate on the go. The Apollo 710 gives patients the benefits of cannabis in a completely new, innovative, and inconspicuous way.

In Good Times and Good Health