A Step Inside 710 Degree Cup with Item 9 Labs

Written by Hannah Dahlgren

Arizona Medical Marijuana patients from all over the state braved the heat and lines that wrapped around the building to take part in one of the state’s largest cannabis events. The 710 Degree Errl Cup is a bi-annual cannabis festival that celebrates the 7/10 “holiday”. Those who are familiar with marijuana, recognize 4/20 and have enthusiastically adopted the more recent phenomenon, 7/10, into their celebrations. Why 7/10 you ask? 710 is the number associated with marijuana extracts, for the simple fact that it looks like “OIL” when you flip it upside down.

Aside from celebrating the 710 holiday and more importantly, the 710 Degree Errl cup seeks to award those with the cleanest and most consistent medicine. This event is unlike any other cannabis awards event in that it is completely ran by patients and gives the rest of the MMJ community the opportunity to witness true transparency of their medicine.

With the recent uproar regarding Arizona concentrate laws, and the change of event rules right before the 710 Degree Cup, we weren’t sure how the turn out would be. Despite vendors not being able to bring concentrates and attendees no longer allowed to bring in their own medicine, the 710 Degree Cup was still packed to the brim full of patients eager to hop in line for the free fun.

Upon entering, every patient began their Errl Cup journey by receiving a swag bag (from one of our partner dispensaries- Greenpharms Mesa) packed with stickers, coupons, keychains, a lanyard, and loads of other goodies from brand sponsors. Pretty good start to the event I’d say! The Legends Event Center was transformed into a patient’s safe-haven where they openly enjoyed free medicated samples from vendors, live music & entertainment, rolling contests, CBD dabs, giant joints, food trucks, product education, and taste-tests galore.

Our time at the cup was centered around “medication for the patients & education for all”. The Item 9 Labs team loaded over 1,000 bong hits where patients could pick their choice from 4 of our strains- Blackwater OG, Alien Fire Fruit, Golden Grams, and Blue Geez. As the bongs were packed, patients engaged by learning about what that particular strain is known to help with and what the effects are. They were offered a chance to smell and look at the jar of that particular strain, and then finally taste it for themselves.

An honest platform with healthy competition, the 710 Degree Cup was one for the books. We really vibed with the fact that this event focused on patient appreciation and dispensary accountability- two things we strongly believe in. It brought awareness to the importance of independent lab testing and the patients’ right to know exactly what is in their medicine. Shoutout to C4 Laboratories for testing all product entered and in turn working towards greater mainstream acceptance of cannabis.

Overall, the 710 Degree Errl Cup was an extremely unique experience that patient’s do not get to enjoy very often. Events like these are what truly brings the AZ MMJ community together and gives companies the chance to come face to face with the people whose lives are changed by their products.

Photography by: Brookklyn Photo