A Brief History of Item 9 Labs

At Item 9 Labs we seek to cultivate the highest quality cannabis products while providing transparency, consistency, and well being for those who rely on us. Our mission is simple: to create comfortable cannabis health solutions for the modern consumer by developing innovative products and proprietary delivery platforms. When we started growing in 2012, our aim was simply to produce the best quality products for our patients. Over the years our business may have grown, but our mission has remained the same.

We founded Item 9 Labs because we’ve experienced first-hand the power of cannabis to change lives and offer a meaningful alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. We remain committed to offering high-quality medical marijuana flower and products focused on organic, cost-effective solutions for whole body health, and using innovative delivery technologies to meet our patients where they are.

Proposition 203

Item 9 Labs was founded after Proposition 203 became law in Arizona in 2012, allowing legal cultivation of medical marijuana. From humble beginnings in a small storage container grow space, we have quickly grown into one of the largest properties in the U.S. zoned to grow and cultivate the medical marijuana flower and have become a premier provider of award-winning cannabis products. We have rapidly grown our distribution footprint to include dispensaries across the state of Arizona.

The Farm: Past & Present

Item 9 Labs is nestled on a dairy farm in southern Arizona—affectionately nicknamed “The Farm”, which is over 50 acres of approved grow area. Our cultivation facility includes 10,000 square feet of indoor grow and extract lab space with another 10,000 square feet under construction. In our first year of operation, Item 9 Lab’s won first place awards for Vanilla Bean (Indica) and Candyland (Sativa), and more recently we took home the 2018 Errl Cup and placed 3rd in the 710 Cup for concentrates.

This year, we are expanding our offerings from cannabis flower and extracts and vape cartridges to include co-branded edibles. We’ve also introduced the revolutionary Delta-8 THC, which provides the medicinal effects of CBD and THC but is much less psychoactive, thus increasing productivity. In 2018, we began combining our superior, organically grown marijuana flower with our first proprietary delivery system. It is the industry’s first medicated nasal spray device that allows for easy and discreet medication on the go. Our commitment to innovation and new technologies are sure to bring more exciting things in the months and years to come.

Also in 2018, Item 9 became publicly traded: for investor relations, please visit https://investor.item9labs.com/

Cultivating the highest quality cannabis products with innovation, transparency, and consistency is more than our mission statement. For our team, it’s a way of life. We continued to stay committed to your well-being as a patient and as a part of our community, and look forward to continuing to provide you with comfortable cannabis solutions.

In Good Times and Good Health,

The Item 9 Team